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May 24, 2013
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Just for an FYI, I’ma make Reader-tan and Ciel both 16 for the time being, not sure if I have said this before due to my idiotic memory, so that way this is too awkward for me to write about… >////< I mean, I’ve read lemons a ton of times, and I have role-played sex, I have just never written it like this before…

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Ciel sighed and looked irritatedly at the stairs that led from where you two were in the basement to the front door. You, more than glad to leave the current situation, ran for the door only to see it was just the UPS man. Before heading back downstairs to Ciel and giving your first kiss away, you took a moment to collect yourself and get a mental pep-talk. Right after, you went back down to what your thought would be your doom….
“What took you so long?” Ciel asked impatiently, huffing lightly and you returned to your spot beside him.
“I didn’t take that long!” Arguing this, you took a quick deep breath and shook off your doubts. “Here goes nothing….” Leaning in slowly, you finally pressed your lips fully to his, Ciel doing the same in a more-than-eager way. You hesitantly opened your mouth, he doing the same but more provokingly, and sent your tongue out to meet his.
It didn’t take Ciel long to wrap his tongue around yours, trying the cherry not as Sebastian had told him once before, and then start to suck on the wet appendage.
You moaned softly, something Ciel quickly found to be an addicting and musical sound, and wrapped your arms around his neck. He put his arms on your hips and pulled you onto his lap, causing you to blush more if possible.
He easily moved once of his arms to pull your chest against his and pushing against it sensually as you were only left to moan and purr hotly. Exploring your mouth to the fullest, he licked everywhere he could and then suddenly pulled away only to attack your neck.
“C-Ciel!” You mewled, “You said only a kiss!!”
“I know, but I never said I would stop after it…” He responded, grinning as sexily as he could and silencing you with that sentence alone.
Slowly, he moved his hand to the rim on your shirt and started to pull it off. You didn’t go against it, but didn’t help much either. Ciel only half cared and flung the clothing item half way across the room before the same hand groped one of your breasts. “Ah~!” Moaning softly, your legs subconsciously wrapped themselves around his waist and held him there tightly.
Ciel moved his hands at demon speed to unclasp your bra and tried to do the same to it as he did your shirt, which he succeeded in until you covered your chest with your arms.
“Don’t worry, alright? I’m not going to hurt you or tease you or anything like that.” You nodded softly as he reassured you and slowly took your arms down. He smiled softly and kissed your cheek as his determination to make you feel good all over grew.
His hands slowly moved to your breasts, grabbing them in his hands softly as you let out a small sound of pleasure. It was followed by a whimper as his thumbs played with your rosy buds, rolling them one way and then back the other before tugging at them lightly and causing them to become hard.
The second his hands had left, you wined and re-wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him closer again. Chuckling, Ciel said, “I’ll come back to those a bit later, but for now, how about we get rid of the rest of this annoying clothing?” You flushed as your shorts were tugged off by a certain blue-haired young man, and said man was enjoying such look on your face to the fullest.
Your hands went to his own pants, unbuttoning them and tugging them off just as he had done to yours.
Finally, the two of you were down to just his boxers and your panties, with each of you eyeing the others’. One of your hands, already on his own underwear, slowly drifted over the sizable lump that had formed between his legs. Ciel groaned softly at the contact, which only encouraged you further. You ran your fingers over it once more before reaching into his boxers and hesitantly pulled it out, blushing profusely at the sight. He simply smirked once again and moved his hand onto yours; guiding your own up and down his member until it had become fully erect.
Once again you cried out as Ciel’s hands went to work. One had silently found its way into your panties and was now rubbing circles around your lower lips. His other had gone back to your chest accompanied by his head, both now on one breast each and teasing you nonstop.
His lower hand moved to fingers to roll around you clit as a third finger poked at your entrance, which had already become quite wet. Your own hand was still working hard on Ciel’s member, precum starting to come out of the slit as you pumped in the way he had shown you.
“You’re this excited already~?” He asked you dirtily, to which in response you only gave his hardened cock a quick squeeze. This caused him to grunt and slide a finger into you as you both moaned and recoiled a bit with the foreign intrusion.
Hardly moments after, you could feel another being pushed into you, and then both being used to stretch your inner walls. Ciel tried to remain on task, but with you squirming at his every touch didn’t make it any easier along with how your face looked. He had long since withdrawn from your breasts, deciding that they had been teased and sweetly-tortured enough when your nipples both turned to a dull red, and had gotten himself fully on top of you. Finally, he tugged off his boxers, which were already at his knees, and pulled off your panties as well.
You hissed lightly as you became fully exposed to him, and tightly wrapped your arms around his back to keep him close to you. Ciel smiled and kissed your hair as his fingers slowly tugged out of you and he positioned his member at your entrance.
“I’m going to put it in now, alright? It’s going to hurt at first, but afterwards I promise it’ll feel much better.”
You nodded, and then suddenly you felt as sharp pain as something hard and large tried to push into you. As your arms gripped him tightly and your nails dug into his back, Ciel kept going until he was fully sheathed inside your heat. Although it was becoming harder to stay still by the second, he didn’t move and only kissed away your tears and small cries of pain while telling you everything was going to be fine momentarily.
Eventually, you nodded your head and told him to move. “I’m fine now; I-I think I am, at least…” You smiled shyly and cupped his face in your hands.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I said I was fine, so just get moving!” Giving an experimental buck of your hips to prove you were okay, you easily felt how hard Ciel had become while inside you as both of you gave a small moan.
Hardly five seconds afterwards, Ciel was thrusting his hips against your as slowly as he could force himself to, which was still quite quickly. You were moaning out of delight and holding his chest pressed against yours as he kept giving you sloppy and short kisses. He picked up his pace over time, per whatever you had last yelled at him to do; you were left a moaning mess.
“My name…. Say it!” He demanded hoarsely, wanting to hear it roll off of your tongue in the same way your sweet moans of pleasure were.
“Ciel~!” You called, trying helplessly to keep up with his inhuman pace.
“CIEL~!” With that, he pounded into your g-spot, and bliss overtook your whole body. Stars filled your vision as he rode out your high, his following closely after, both of you panting heavily when he came to the end and pulled out of you.
He brought you against him on the couch, your forehead pressed against his chest and his skin resting on the top of your head and your arms were wrapped around each other. Your eyes closed lazily, and as did his.
“I think I rather like truth or dare now.”
I'm publishing this at 12:39 AM. Today was my last exam, and I am soooooooooooooo tired..... I'm sorry this was so late! DX
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pinxroxx Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Writer
*reading this and suffering from blood shortage*
Sebastian: What are you reading?
*tussle. Sebby manages to read some*
Sebastian: .............:o (Eek) :o (Eek) 
Me: *finally faints of blood depletion*
Ciel: What's going on- what is that?
Me: *kills myself/dies of embarrasment/nosebleed*
Catlover24 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Love this. I would play truth or dare with Ciel if this would happen.
Levi-Cleanitup-Acker Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
*swims in nosebleed blood*
Katherinelong0833 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  New member
Me. *reading this*
Ciel. What are you reading
Me. Nothing *looking for way to escape*
Ciel. Oh really *snatches reading device*
Me. Shit *goes and runs out the window*. You'll never catch me alive.
animecrush7 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  New member
imagine if he sent sebastian after u
Animelova4evs Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Wait there was UPS in the early 1800s woooowww
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I laughed at that. Why? XD
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